According to the discovery group, the significant cave is a hidden section of Xe Bang Fai River. With the height of 120m and the weight of 200m, Tham Khoun Cave is one of the biggest river caves in the world. Also, the geological structures here are very impressive that wins your eyes from the first sight. Even prior to the French discovery, this cave was prefered by the Laos people; they came to the mouth of the cave to fish and nurture the slanginess.

In the years of 2005-2006, the natural site is open to public exploration. The tourists are welcomed to explore the cave by kayaking. From then, many groups of French and North American explorers come to study the site’s natural structures. Until the year of 2008, the biggest river cave of Laos was recognized by the National Geographic that made it the well-known tourist attraction in the world.

In the entry to the cave, there is a 60m-height balcony. The highest point of the cave even exceeds 100m that makes the scene spectacular and magnificent. The stalagmite and stalactite have the height of 20m, and you can even find some pearls in the mysterious cave. Know what? There is a lush green forest in the mouth of the cave; its superior greenness looks perfect in correspondence to the white, orange colors of the terraced rice fields. The limestone wall looks colorful and eye-catching indeed.

The wonderful Cave is believed to host many spirits that protect the local people mysteriously. The site can even amaze you from the very first sight via its legendary stories. The Laos people rumor that when they forget the broken music instruments inside the cave, such instruments will be amended in the next morning. Besides, it’s strong believed that the holy spirits will protect the local whenever they fall from the challenging cliff. Therefore, the cave records no accident so far.

Every year, the local inhabitants celebrate the ceremony to show their respect to holy spirits and wish the best for their relatives as well as the tourists. The majestic and enigmatic charm of Tham Khoun Cave is incomparable, so the sightseeing experience here is awesome. If possible, further stop by the national conservation area of Hin Nam to explore the wild fauna and flora.

According to laostravel.indochinacharm