Being the only landlocked country in Southeast Asia, Laos always attracts visitors with beautiful waterfalls. One of them is the Tad Fane waterfall located in Dong Hua Sao National Park in Bolaven plateau (in Champasak province).


The waterfall is located on Highway 16E, about 14km from the center of Paksong city. From Vientiane, there is always direct flights to Paksong. From Paksong, it takes about 1 hour for visitors to take a taxi, bus or rent a motorbike to Tad Fane.


This is one of favorite destinations for those who love thrilling games and adventures. With the 140-meter-high waterfall casts straight into the valley and be surrounded by nature, they creates a spectacular scenery that makes Tad Fane waterfall very popular with tourists.


The best point when coming here is to experience the feeling of "heart attack" when playing ziplines, lying hammocks or having coffee time at a table halfway up the sky, enjoying the majestic beauty of 2 cascades and saving memorable moments. This is a unique experience in life.


The best time to visit Tad Fane is during the rainy season (usually from May to November) when the waterfall will be full of water and more impressive. Therefore, the feeling of hovering in the sky will be more interesting.


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