Located at an altitude of 1200 – 1500 metres above sea level, Nong Fa lake (also known as Nongphatom lake) is a natural freshwater lake formed from a famous crater in Attapue Province. The lake belongs to the system of mountains bunched together in Dong Ampham National Biodiversity Conservation Area, in Sanxay district, east of Attapeu province, southeastern Laos,  far from the Vietnamese border South about 12,000 metres.



Although there is no official research document, Nong Fa lake, is estimated to be thousands of years old, is the headwaters of the Xekaman river, which means “Lake of heaven”.


People here believe that this is a sacred lake, associated with the story passed on by oral tradition: Nong Fa lake is managed by the golden rooster god who regulates the amount of water in the lake. In each of Laos holidays, the light will be shined from undersurface of the lake.

The surface of the lake is immense with the blue water like the ocean. With an area of up to 1 square kilometres and the depth of 73 metres, this is a lake made up of the largest crater of Indochina.


The natural population around Nong Fa lake has not been much impacted by human. Forests, flora and fauna ecosystems still live with green water all year. And the special thing is inspite of the vast lake, there is only one type of fish to live in, which is called Channa.





If having a chance to come to Attapeu, Nong Fa lake is the place to come and discover the beauty of nature. However, the road system in the area is not really convenient for travelling, so the ideal time to visit is during the dry months.


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