Cambodians were proud when the first train in decades left the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh for border town Poipet last month, effectively connecting the northern part of Cambodia with the south.  

This rail line will soon cross the border and connect with Thailand. It's expected to become popular among travelers and boost trade between Thailand and Cambodia.

During decades of war and poverty, Cambodia's railway lines, which were initially built at the time of the French colonial rule, were severely damaged and neglected. Only two years ago, the first line in the country was reopened, connecting Phnom Penh to the coastal city Sihanoukville.

At present, the train line ends in Poipet, a Cambodian town on the border with Thailand. But the train is expected to soon make it all the way to the Thai capital Bangkok. Observers say this could bolster trade ties between the two countries.

Last year, trade flows between Thailand and Cambodia were valued at $6.16 billion (€5.3 billion), an increase of almost 10 percent compared with 2016. The neighbors hope to boost that to $15 billion by 2020.


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