This app has many functions, which were created by talented young Cambodians. Since this app is new, there will be more functions coming. Be sure to keep updated with new AR packages whenever they arrive.



Osja’s business card function makes it convenient to share contacts and immersive detailed company information – a useful function for businesspeople. You can share detailed information about a company by just scanning a name card.



Furthermore, a QR code scanner is also included in this useful app. To use this function, all you need are QR codes; you can even scan the new Cambodian automobile license plates.

Also, you can take cool photos with the latest photo frames featuring current events, among other entertaining functions of the app.





This app provides another entertaining function, the Khmer riel bills AR package. You can have fun with different Cambodian cultural characters from different Cambodian banknotes. Osja AR is available on both store App Store and Google Play.

Rich AR features

After downloading this application, you can start exploring its features on its home screen. There are many functions that are provided on the screen. Some functions are still under development.

Entertaining characters

This application is created and developed by Khmers, so there are many Cambodian characters provided in 3D. Use the app to capture your Cambodian money, and the characters will appear. There are many characters that are shown, depending on which banknote you scan.

Photo frames

Another function in the app allows you to add frames to scanned imaged. You can create your own frame to use for every photo that you shoot. It is really useful for special events, and can make every photo unique.

Bill packages

Currently, the types of banknotes available on the Osja AR app are still limited in number, but more will be added, along with many more Cambodian’s cultural characters. Riel notes are prioritised for this application.

QR code scanner

The app includes a QR code scanning function. It can scan new Cambodian automobile license plate numbers, showing you detailed information about the vehicle owners.


According to khmertimeskh