Kratie and Kampi are most famous for being ideal dolphin-spotting destinations. Kratie is about 10-hour drive to the North from Phnom Penh. From Kratie, you can easily travel to Kampi by an easy 30-minute motorbike drive. Here you can take a boat and travel along the river in hope to catch the sight of Irrawaddy dolphins – a type of river dolphins. Irrawaddy dolphins are grey and so adorable with a funny looking head.

It is estimated that there are less than 100 river dolphins living in this part of Mekong River. Irrawaddy dolphins living in Mekong River are considered as a rare and endangered species due to the unsafe fishing activity, for example, the use of explosive fishing or the boat engineer along the river.

Hopefully, the prospect of developing the tourism on dolphin watching could draw more intention to preserving the species and drive people out of harmful activities.

For a charge of about 7 to 10 dollars, you can get on the dolphin-watching boat or cruise along the Mekong River. The boatmen know the dolphin very well, which could guarantee a higher chance of seeing the dolphins. You are most likely to see the dolphins in the late afternoon because they are most active during this time. It is also a wonderful time as you can see the glorious sunset on Mekong River. What is more delightful than seeing lovely dolphin arcing under the stunning sunset?

You can also combine the dolphin-watching trip with a visit to the 100-pillar Temple. Dolphin-watching is obviously one of the most exciting and worth-trying experiences in Cambodia.