Located on a river not too far from the Gulf of Thailand is more famous for its peppers than for tourists, though it is gaining more tourists all the time.


Kampot's black peppercorns.


Kampot’s black peppercorns are famous with gourmet cooks around the world because of their unique flavor.


Bokor National Park


Kampot is the gateway to Bokor National Park, famed for its abandoned French hill station, pleasant climate and lush primary rainforest.


The Kampot Kompong Trach caves.


Kampot also offers visitors the opportunity to go boating and rafting on the river that winds through town, as well as take in scenic waterfalls along the route. The Kampot Kompong Trach caves offer spelunkers the chance to see ancient ruins.


Crab curry in Kampot.


Crab curry is a popular local dish.