According to the Deputy Director of the Huaphan Department of Information, Culture and Tourism, Ms. Kongmanyl Buathavong, the event includes a cherry blossom beauty contest, organizes exhibitions of wild peach blossoms in Xamneua district, watching Japanese cherry blossoms in Viengxay district … with many sideline tourist activities to promote tourism.

In the past week, many tourists flocked to Huay-uang village, 8km from Xamneua, capital of Huaphan province, to watch the forest cherry blossoms bloom in the cold weather.

Besides being famous for the specialties of Kaynoi sticky rice, “cheo Ba Bam” to historical sites, unique festivals of the Thai ethnic community. Huaphan province also has a lot of natural tourist attractions, especially pristine waterfalls, such as Sa La Waterfall, Ta lun and Pha Vang, Tham Hang cave, Hiam hot spring and Nam Muong stream or the majestic Pha Thee mountain.

Huaphan is the hometown of the Red Thai ethnic community with many unique traditional cultures. In addition, every year, there are also many large-scale festivals such as Sau Lak Meung, boat racing festival.

According to statistics, in 2018 there were 70,550 tourists both national and international coming to Huaphan. The province has a total of 133 official tourist sites, including 43 natural tourist sites, 28 cultural tourist sites and 62 historic tourist sites.