The whipray, measuring at 185 cm in width, 200 cm in length and weighting 180 killogram, was accidentally hooked by a fisherman in Siem Bouk district’s Koh Preah Village

The fisherman, understanding how rare the gigantic fish is, contacted the Wonder of the Mekong project to come and tag, measure, and release her back into the wild.

According to WWF, the world’s biggest freshwater fish and 4 out of the top ten giant freshwater fish species can be found in the Mekong River which flows through Cambodia, China, Lao PDR, Myanmar, Thailand and Vietnam. These large fish are usually encountered during the spawning season as they go up from deep waters and migrate across the region.

So far the biggest fish ever caught in the Mekong was a 293kg specimen hauled into a boat in northern Thailand in 2005.

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