In a space of about 20 square meters at 131 Tran Phu (Hue city), thousands of books are neatly arranged with a variety of genres from history, business, medicine, farming, comic books. …

These are books that Tuan has accumulated from a young age up to now. This free book-reading space is a rental place, that Tuan spends around 700,000 VND each month.

Sharing about the reading space, Tuan said that since childhood, Tuan has had a passion for books, and dreamed of having a big bookcase for himself. Growing up, Tuan studied in Hanoi, then graduated and worked in Da Nang. No matter where he goes, he always carries his books with him.

Tuan came to Hue on a vacation, and immediately fell in love with the scenery and the pace there so he decided to settle down in Hue. And the reading station was born just a short time later.

“When I was a child, I had a dream of opening the bookcase for myself. But when I grew up, I found that it would be much better to share knowledge from the books I read to others than to keep hold of myself. I hope this book station will come into existence as a place where people share books and knowledge, not just their own books “- Tuan shared.

The reading station opens from 14:00 to 18:00 daily, but on weekends it opens from early morning until 22:00. The station also lends books, but the person who wants to borrow books do not need to pay a deposit or have a card, just sign and note the date of return.

Vu Thi Chi – a student of Phu Xuan University – said that books at the reading station have many genres. Tuan always updates new and interesting books to enrich the collection. Whenever someone asks Tuan about books that the station doesn’t have, he tries as best as he can to find them on the market and bring them back to the station.

The station is not only for students who are eager to read books, so in addition to lending books, reading books on the spot for free, Tuan also give books to readers who regularly visit the reading station, and organized programs like free books for children, donate books to highland students…

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