According to Viengthong Radio Station, the three men were exploring the cave in search of food when they stumbled upon the precious artifacts. Astonished by their find, the men paid their respects to the Buddha statues before informing the village governor about their discovery.

This information was also reported to local authorities, who believe that 13 of the Buddha idols are made of gold.

A day after the discovery, the artifacts were safely transported out of the cave. They have now been placed in a safe location in Nadee village, where they are being guarded day and night.

The Director of the Bolikhamxay​ Provincial​ Information, Culture, and​ Tourism​ Department, Mr. Sonthong Vibounkuang, stated that the locals have been flocking to worship the Buddha images at the temporary shrine.

Authorities are still investigating the origin and history of the ancient figures, and have not provided any further details regarding their value or age. However, the discovery of these ancient Buddha statues is a significant event for the local community and could potentially draw tourists to the area.

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