1. Indochina Company Founders are entrepreneurs/ business pioneers or founders that develop activities in the fields of production, service, etc…; provide service for life and entertainment needs; and has positive meaning.
  2. Indochina Company Founders are entrepreneurs, business that have run over 20 years in recent business fields.
  3. Indochina Company Founders have made significant contributions to society: products, services, etc…; served life; contributions to workers for providing jobs; contributions many practical benefits to society.
  4. Indochina Company Founders are based on evaluations and rankings of business organizations, professional domestic and foreign associations.
  5. Indochina Company Founders are chosen and honored by the media; products and services of entrepreneurs are highly appreciated by customers.
  6. The establishment is based on surveys and independent assessments of Advisory Board in Indochina Book of Records.
  7. Indochina Company Founders are assessed by independent investigation of partners, affiliate organizations of Indochina Book of Records in the host country and countries all over the world.
  8. The establishment is based on legal documents of business, endorsement of specialized agencies of the state for legality and legal business forms of business according to the law of the state.
  9. The establishment of Indochina Book of Records is completely objective and conducts independently; we are not under any control of a third party; the establishment will be announced widely to the world.