Speaking at the launching ceremony, LOCA Souliyo Vongdara Director said that LOCA QUTE service operates 24/24, formed on the basis of cooperation with transport enterprises BAJAJ Auto and Phongsavanh Insurance (APA) to provide customers with new options and realization of an affordable international standard transporting service operated by Laotian. It has maximum insurance of 500 million Kip provided by APA.

LOCA is Laos’ first and only car-booking startup that is owned by Lao people, established and first operating in Vientiane in 2018. However, the price was a bit too high for Laotian. This is the reason why the company deployed more low-cost taxi services this time, suitable for passengers wishing to travel short distances during peak hours.

LOCA has an application on both iOS and Android platforms, with a way of operating that is not much different from the popular car-booking apps. Users download the app, book the trip and wait for the driver. Currently, LOCA has more than 16,000 member accounts, achieving a score of 4.87 / 5 on service satisfaction.

In 2019, LOCA represented Laos to participate in fundraising for startups at the Mekong Tourism Initiative Fund (MIST).

According to tapchilaoviet.org