Average new infections have fallen to 51 a day from a peak of just under 1,000 in July with only one Covid-related death reported this year.

Cambodia has now administered more than 33 million doses of vaccine, enough for the entire population. Most of the early vaccines were Sinopharm and Sinovac. Cambodia launched a booster campaign last year with AstraZeneca and has now moved onto a second booster campaign, using Pfizer.

Cambodia dropped quarantine for fully vaccinated visitors last November and, unlike other ASEAN neighbours, has not reimposed restrictions.

The index ranks 122 countries or regions on infection management, vaccine rollout and social mobility. A high score indicates the country or region is closer to recovery. Cambodia scored 78 points in the January 31 index, with Taiwan top at 82 points out of a possible 100. The Nikkei said it lost points due to low flight activity, with international arrivals down 80 percent last month, compared with pre-pandemic levels.

According to khmertimeskh.com