In the United States, Apple will work with the Oceti Sakowin Power Authority, formed by six Sioux tribes to jointly develop tribal renewable energy resources by financing, developing, constructing, and operating power generation and transmission facilities for the wholesale market. This project is on track to create a large-scale wind power development in the Midwest and follows the organisation’s participation in Apple’s Impact Accelerator, part of the company’s Racial Equity and Justice Initiative.

In South Africa, Apple is bringing renewable energy to over 3,500 households that previously lacked access. The company will also help reduce electricity costs for the Pioneer School for the Visually Impaired by funding rooftop solar installations. And in Nigeria, Apple will support the development of a solar power system to serve a primary healthcare centre in the state of Ondo, as well as 200 households in the surrounding region.

In the Philippines, Apple will help fund an educational institution that provides scholarships to high-achieving, under-resourced students by offsetting electricity expenses through a new rooftop solar installation. In Thailand, Apple is participating in an effort to increase renewable energy production and battery storage to ensure reliable access to electricity, and replacing the use of polluting diesel fuel for a remote fishing village that relies on refrigerators to maintain the quality of its fish products. Apple’s work to support a program in Vietnam will provide solar electricity for 20 schools around the country, and help teach thousands of children about sustainable development and STEM.

In Colombia, Apple is helping to bring online a rooftop solar power system at the Santa Ana Hospital Infantil, and the money saved on energy bills will allow the hospital to purchase more equipment and medications. A rooftop solar installation at Ciudad Don Bosco, a nonprofit that provides educational and social services for under-resourced youth, will help the group advance its sustainable development goals.

In Israel, Apple is supporting the Nitzana Educational Eco-Village for at-risk youth with solar installations to help lower electricity costs and generate a new source of revenue for the organisation.

Apple will continue to focus on communities most impacted by climate change as it pursues its environmental goals.

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