(INDOCHINA TRIP.2019) The Journey To Promote New Records In Indochina – P.39. [Laos]: The only country in Indochina where we can enjoy Sai Oua – a popular type of Lao sausage


(IndochinaKings.org) Coming to Indochina peninsula, visitors can only enjoy Sai Oua in Laos. This is a Laotian sausage with oriental ingredients.

Sai Oua (or Sai Ua) is a spicy pork sausage mixed with local aromatic herbs and spices, most commonly used in Lao cuisine: lemongrass, galangal, kaffir lime leaves, shallot, cilantro, chili, garlic, salt and padaek fish sauce (a special type of fish sauce in Laos).


Pork used to make sausages is usually fatty pork. Pork will be chopped and mixed with the above ingredients and stuffed into pieces.


To serve, the finished sausage will be grilled on a charcoal stove to yellow-ripened and chopped into small circles, dotted with typical Jeow chili sauce and served with sticky rice.


Sai Oua is a local delicacy, and it can be found at most eateries and street stands at all hours of the day.


Source: www.tasteatlas.com

Letitia Nguyen (Collect, Source of Photos: Internet) - INDOCHINAKINGS


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