WORLDKINGS - Daily Highlights – October 07, 2018 - Company sells fresh New Zealand air for $100 at duty free shop


( A company has sparked outrage after selling canned New Zealand air at a duty free shop - for $100 a pop.

The cans of "Pure Fresh New Zealand Air" were seen on display at the Auckland International Airport by journalist Damian Christie, who posted a photo on Twitter.



According to the packaging, the cans are part of a "value pack" and buyers can "save $20". They come with a facemask that allows people to breathe in the air "almost [as] if they were standing right here in this pristine environment themselves".



They're sold by a company called Kiwiana, which also offers five-litre cans of "medical grade air" on its website for $34.50 each.

population and geographical location, it has some of the cleanest air on the planet," the company says.

But the air has come under attack online from angry Kiwis.

According to newshub


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