WORLDKINGS - Daily Highlights – January 09, 2019 - Sphero Specdrums App-Enabled Music Creation Rings


( Experience a new dimension to sound with the Sphero Specdrums App-Enabled Music Creation Rings.



Along with teaching STEM, these wearables use motion and color sensors to bring you the audio of the world. The Specdrums deliver a variety of sounds based on different surfaces. When placed on a color, the system produces the accompanying audio.





In a sense, the Specdrums turn colors into sounds. All you have to do is tap. Users can choose to use a single ring on its own or wear two for more layers of audio.

In addition, users can share with friends for a truly unique soundscape. Working with the app, they can also pair with MIDI systems. With Specdrums, the world is your studio.

According to thegadgetflow


Van Nguyen (Accroding to ) - INDOCHINAKINGS ( source of photo : internet )

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