WCSA - Top 100 Largest Libraries In The World - P12.Sir Duncan Rice Library– Aberdeen, U.K.


(Wcsa.world-indochinakings.org) This innovative building won a National Award from the Royal Institute of British Architects in 2013, as well as concurrent recognition from the World Architecture Festival, where it made the shortlist in the Civic and Community division. It became the first major construction to be completed in Aberdeen for 25 years and opened to students and staff in 2011.

The Sir Duncan Rice Library is the main academic library for the University of Aberdeen. It was designed by schmidt hammer lassen architects and completed in 2011. It is named after Duncan Rice, a previous Principal of the university.

The cube-shaped building can be seen prominently from the entire campus and much of the city. It is a seven-storey tower, clad in zebra-like jagged stripes of white and clear glass.

The building has a floorspace of 15,500 square metres. It houses several of the University's historic collections, including more than a quarter of a million ancient and priceless books and manuscripts that have been collected over five centuries since the University's foundation.

There is also public exhibition space. The library replaced the smaller Queen Mother Library as the university's main library.

According to World Creativity Science Academy - wcsa.world

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